A Message From Garrett Glover To Ellicott City Business Owners

All of you!

What an incredibly stimulating and provocative Business Owners Meeting this past Monday evening!  Watching and listening to the dynamic give-and-take from the back of the room was , to say the least, quite moving.  Much respect to all of you for your determination, courage and stamina as Ellicott City recovers and you pull your lives back to center.  Much admiration for you.

And thank you for the warm, gracious and enthusiastic reception you gave me … as well as the earnestness with which you embraced the presentation, “The Customer Experience” … and your eagerness to participate in the SBDC events I described at the front end.  I promised to get back with the information you’ll need to let us know about your intentions to move forward.  We are grateful to Maureen and Karen for forwarding this message to you.

If interested in scheduling consultations with me (Garrett Glover, SBDC Senior Business Specialist and High Impact Consultant) and Craig Panos (SBDC regional Consultant for Howard County), please shoot an e-mail off to Craig; as well as participating in the consultations, Craig coordinates our various activities and calendars.  Craig will be back in touch to set up either an initial meeting or a follow-up consultation for those of you already in the network.  You can reach Craig at:  cpanos@umaryland.edu

If interested in participating in the e-commerce program, please send me an e-mail (and cc: Craig)  with all the contact info (e-mail and phone numbers) we’ll need to reach you now and in the future; please understand that, once we negotiate the “green light” for the launch of the ongoing e-commerce functionality initiative, we will out of necessity share your contact info with those reps at SDC Information Technologies and Howard Community College who will actually administer the technology and content services and steer you through the e-comm platform build out.  I can be reached at: jglover1@umd.edu.  Please cc: Craig: cpanos@umaryland.edu

Regarding the peer-to-peer dialogues, a show of hands indicated that most of you would be interested in these facilitated yet informal gatherings; once we’ve set a schedule for these, we’ll let you know through the ECP’s e-mail facility…again, thank you Karen and Maureen.  FYI, we intend to schedule the dialogues during the evening hours… and we hope to start sooner than later.  More to come.

Wonderful to have seen of all of you I already know and equally as wonderful to have met those I did not know.  Both Craig and I look forward to the collaboration ahead!