Ellicott City Partnership IT Infrastructure

  • Ellicott City Partnership
    Information Technology Infrastructure

    Security & Netiquette Best Practices

    (v.2017.3 draft)

  • Definitions & Roles

    • IT
      Information Technology, software & hardware systems, passwords, data & intellectual property, devices, wifi, the Internet, emails, file-sharing, cloud storage, subscriptions & memberships, ecommerce, etc.
    • The ECP Board
      The executive board of the Ellicott City Partnership, Inc.
      The Board is the ultimate authority over the ECP’s IT properties.
    • Password Record Keeper (registrar? librarian?)
      Trustee(s) appointed by the ECP Board to securely maintain all ECP passwords in the ECP Password Database and keep track of all password holders. Anually audit, inventory, and updates all passwords. Likewise after any personnel changes or any suspected breaches of security.
    • Password Holder
      Volunteers, staff or others trusted by the ECP Committees to access IT properties. May include social media admins (Facebook, Twitter) content editors or tech support. Password holders answer to the ECP Committees, and ultimately to the ECP Board.
    • Official ECP vs. Unofficial
      Official ECP web channels, domains and other sites are either owned by the ECP or are bound by a signed agreement between owners and the ECP. Official ECP channels comply with the ECP Board. Unofficial channels, such as OEC fan sites and other OEC community pages, are outside the reach of the ECP Board.
    • Ownership of Data, Branding and Intellectual Property
      The ECP will strive to own its official Internet domains, social media channels, content and other IT assets, and avoid ‘borrowing’ or using channels or other assets owned by third parties. If it’s ambiguous, sign an agreement.
    • Signed Agreement
      for trusted Webpage admins, IT techs and official password holders.
      See Agreement section below.

  • ECP Signed Agreement

    • Signed agreement with trusted web admins & password holders
    • Webpage admins agree to shut down web channels on short notice (within one hour / periodic “stress test”).
    • Webpage admins agree to follow ECP style guidelines, branding, tone, imagery, events and links, etc.  For example, ECP pages on Facebook might carry ECP logos and links to other pages and events.
    • Keep ECP Password Inventory current with latest logins.
    • Report security compromises, vandalism, impersonation, hacks and other hostile acts online to the ECP Executive Board.
    • Report to the ECP Board how to perform one’s job better, and how to protect ourselves from ‘black hat’ hackers and other hostile or dysfunctional players.
    • Trusted web admins and password holders agree to report any relevant suspicious activity to the ECP Executive Board.
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  • Draft by Richard Ellsberry for the ECP, 2017.
    Special thanks to Erika, Heather and Maureen for input on early drafts. Send feedback to: ECPITGroup@oldEC.org