Local Contractors

Historic Trade Source List

Window Repair
Mozer Works, Inc. 301.920.1200 mozerworks.com
Govane McLees 410.804.6377 none

Storm Windows
Allied Window 800.445.5411 alliedwindow.com
Innerglass Interior Storm 800.743.6207 stormwindows.com
Burch Company 410.837.8141 burchcompany.com

Galligher & Huguely 202.723.1000 galligher-huguely.com
Reisterstown Lumber 410.833.1300 reisterstownlumber.com
American Cedar and Millwork 410.987.6800 millwork1.com

Richard Knight Construction 443.421.0331 rknight309@aol.com

Park Heights Roofing 443.687.8284 parkheightsroofing.com
Fichtner Services 866.591.1900 fichtnerservices.com
Fick Brothers 410.889.5525 fickbros.com
Brothers Roofing 410.276.8437 brothersservices.com
AROCON Roofing + Construction 410.861.6767 aroconllc.com
Maggio Roofing 1.844.570.1771 maggioroofing.com
Roland Slate Service 1.866.592.8688 rolandslate.com
Architectural Fabrication + Installation 410.239.6115 afi-roofing.com

Gutters + Downspouts
Fichtner Services 866.591.1900 fichtnerservices.com

Worcester Eisenbrandt, Inc. 410.644.6580 weirestoration.com

Structural Restoration Services 1.800.775.1004 restore-it.com
Worcester Eisenbrandt, Inc. 410.644.6580 weirestoration.com

Summit Insulation 410.644.8000 summitinsulation.com

Baltimore Finishing Works 410.235.7326 none

Heritage Building and Renovation 301.270.4799 heritagebuildingandrenovation.com
Legacy Restoration 410.252.4511 legacyri.com
NTC Mazzuca 410.964.0101 ntcmd.com
Richard Knight Construction
Worcester Eisenbrandt, Inc. 410.644.6580 weirestoration.com

Architectural Preservation Services, LLC 410.644.6580 aps-wei.com

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