Recovery Fund FAQS

Who can apply?
Individuals/households, business owners, and property owners impacted by the flood of July 30, 2016 may apply.

Can I apply in more than one category?
Yes, you may apply in each application category (Individual/household, business owner, property owner) that is applicable to your loss. You must fill out a separate application for each category for which you choose to apply.

 What can I apply for? 

As an individual/household impacted by the flood, you may apply for humanitarian relief (see List of Eligible Humanitarian Relief). As a business or property owner you may apply for any uninsured loss from your business and/or property. If your loss affects your ability to maintain shelter, food and/or clothing, transportation or health, you may also apply as an individual even if you do not live in Ellicott City.

 Is there a limit to what I can apply for?

Yes, each application category has specified funding limits. All funding limits are subject to availability of funds.

 Individuals/households have a $1,500 funding limit per individual. If there is more than one individual in the household, each individual has a funding limit of $1,500.

Business owners have a funding limit of $15,000 for businesses that will be reopening in historic Ellicott City or $5,000 for businesses that will not be reopening in historic Ellicott City.

In the Assistance Requested section, ‘work time‘ is defined as revenue lost to date while your business was closed.

Property owners have a funding limit of $15,000 for their first property, $7,500 for their second property, $3,750 for their third property, and $1,500 for all subsequent properties.

Do I have to live, work or own a business or property in Ellicott City to apply?

The Ellicott City Partnership (ECP) is a nonprofit who has collected and is distributing funds within the geographic area of Old Ellicott City. Their mission is to rebuild a vibrant Ellicott City.

The United Way of Central Maryland has collected funds and is distributing funds both through the ECP and  their own agency. The ECP fund is for those affected by the flood within the geographic area of Old Ellicott City and the United Way funds are available regardless of geographic area for humanitarian needs.

 What if I was a visitor in Ellicott City the night of the flood and was affected. Can I apply?
Yes, individuals who suffered an uninsured loss (such as a car floating away) may apply.

 What if I lost my job in Ellicott City? Can I apply?

Yes, you may apply as an individual for humanitarian aid.

 Is this the only time funds will be distributed?

The United Way will cease accepting donations mid-September. The ECP will continue to accept financial donations and plans to distribute those as they are received. There may be additional grants awarded in the future depending on the availability of funds. Even if you are awarded funding in this round, you may be eligible to apply.

 If I have received support from the Ellicott City Partnership already, can I apply?

Yes, you may apply for this grant even if you have received assistance. Please include the assistance you received from ECP and any other financial or in-kind (services and materials) assistance you have received in your application. This information will be used to ensure that you have applied for all resources available. Receipt of other resources does not impact your ability to receive EC Strong Recovery funds

How will my grant from United Way of Central Maryland be administered to me?

Funds from UWCM will be made on behalf of individuals to service providers (i.e. utility companies, mortgage companies, etc.) and not directly to individuals. Therefore, should you be approved for funding through UWCM, you will be contacted directly to arrange payment(s).

 Can Nonprofits apply for grants from these funds?

Nonprofits may not apply directly for the grants but they may be contacted by the funders to receive grants to provide services within in their mission to impacted individuals/households, businesses, or property owners.

 Can a business or property owner who sold their impacted property after 7/30/16 apply?    Yes.

Can a business or property owner who purchased an impacted business or property after 7/30/16 apply?     No.

How do I apply for these funds?

Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete on-line applications available at The application deadline will be posted once the applications are live.

When uploading documents, only include those that support your claim up to the amount of the grant cap.  Individual files can only be 2MB each, but you may upload multiple files if necessary.  More is not necessarily better.

Who do I contact with questions regarding the application(s) or application process?

Questions regarding application eligibility or the application process should be directed to

What if I need support in filling out my application?

Applicants requiring in-person assistance with completing the application should contact the Community Action Council to make an appointment at  410-313-6440. Tell them that you need assistance with the EC Strong Relief Grant. The CAC is located Gateway Building, 6751 Columbia Gateway Drive, Columbia, MD  21046.