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Information & support pages following the Ellicott City flood on Saturday, July 30, 2016

Crowdfunding (a form of crowdsourcing) is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, today often performed via Internet-mediated registries (Wikipedia)

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GoFundMe campaigns for those affected by the Ellicott City flood

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  • In memory of John Peter Pacylowski, Jr., of Precious Gifts (1949-2016)
    John Pacylowski, Jr Memorial Fund | On the afternoon of September 9, 2016 in Historic Ellicott City, MD, John Pacylowski fell from a ladder while working on his building which was damaged from the recent flood. He died instantly, leaving behind six grandchildren, three children, and his wife of almost 50 years. He and his wife Sun owned and operated Precious Gifts for over 20 years. When his building was damaged from the flood, he wouldn’t allow anyone to set up a fund for them and never asked anyone for money despite losing all sources of income and receiving no flood insurance to assist them.  He was a proud and determined man, and was driven to get their store back up and running. John was 67 years old
  • In memory of Joseph Anthony Blevins
    In memory of Joseph Anthony Blevins | On Saturday July 30th, 2016, Ellicott City Maryland experienced a 1000 year storm., where six inches of rain fell in two hours. Joseph Blevins, who was in Ellicott City at the time, was caught in the resulting flash flood and was suddenly and tragically swept away. The family would appreciate assistance to help cover funeral expenses at this very difficult time. All donations in excess of funeral expenses will be placed into a specific bank account for Joe’s three young children Hailey, Ashlyn and Jacob for their education.
  • In memory of Jessica Watsula
    In memory of Jessica Watsula | Hi, My name is Patrick Tran and I live in Baltimore. My best friend Curt Brubaker lost his beloved sister Jessica Watsula during the horrible weather tragedy that occured in Old Town Ellicott City this past weekend. Please help me raise money for Jessica’s 10 year old daughter Sarah, who is now without her Mother.

  • A La Mode Boutique
    A La Mode Ellicott City | This is A La Mode boutique in precious downtown Ellicott City, MD. Our friends Chris and Amie McCaslin opened this awesome boutique in October 2015. They have another location in Sykesville which is where we met them as we shopped for perfect gifts and unique items. We loved going to the sykesville location to shop and support a local business. And to chat with some great people. Over time we became friends with Chris and Amie and were so excited for them as they opened a second store in historic Ellicott city. Last night that store essentially was wiped out with flooding. They estimate their loss between $75,000- 100,000 (inventory, fixtures, computers). It is a devastating loss for a small business who has just rental insurance … |
  • The Archive Music & Games
    Jason & Kelly Archive- EC FloodIn the July 30th flood that completely devastated much of Historic Main Street in Ellicott City, Maryland, my good friends Jason and Kelly M. lost not only their vinyl records and classic video games collection, but also their home.  Homes can be rebuilt, but these two really great people need some support right now. I worry about how my friends will be able to pay for life’s necessities, such as the food, clothing, and hotel rooms that they will need for the foreseeable future …
  • Attic Antiques
    Ellicott City Attic Antiques | Can you help this small Ellicott City Business recover after the devastating flood on July 30, 2016 . Bill and Brenda Franz are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from friends, customers, stangers and the community. Attic Antiques N Things has been a Main Street fixture for over 29 years . Their customers will tell you they love coming to this charming shop of treasures both large and small with something for everyone . They also specialize in restoration of antique dolls, bears, toys and anything that comes in their door . Many anxious customes are waiting to pickup their restored dolls still in store. The store will require many repairs not covered by insurance …
  • Bean Hollow coffee shop  (on
    Help the Bean Hollow Rebuild | Saturday, July 30th, a major flash flood swept through historic Ellicott City taking with it sidewalks, cars, and the lives of some community residents. While the Bean Hollow staff members are safe, the amount of damage to the store is unbelievable. The water reached the second floor. The chairs, tables, machines, walls, floors, inventory, computers, building structure, appliances, essentially EVERYTHING is destroyed. Most people will wonder “don’t they have insurance?” but anyone who has been through a flood knows that there are insane expenses that fall outside of the insurance coverage. This store was Gretchen and her family’s livelihood, and in addition, all of her valued employees lost their jobs overnight. Please help this community staple rebuild and bring the city back to life …
  • Cacao Lane Restaurant
    Cacao Lane Ellicott City | Cacao Lane has been an Ellicott City institution since the 1970s. Like all other businesses on Main st they were devistated by Saturday’s flooding. Owen Hanratty and his staff have a tough road ahead before they can reopen. Please help this unique and fun restaurant and bar get back on its feet …
  • The ClayGround Studio & Gallery 
    The ClayGround Employee Relief Fund | My name is Tabrina ‘Bree’ Hughes and I work at the Clayground Studio and Gallery in Historic Ellicott City, Md. As most of you know Historical Ellicott City was destroyed by an unforgiving flood that absolutely devastated our amazing and beautiful community. Our teachers are now out of work and The Clayground is closed for the foreseeable future. Our teachers are in need of help and every little bit helps them while The Clayground and the rest of the community gets back to their feet … | facebook
  • Cottage Antiques
    Cottage Antiques Ellicott CityHere at Cottage Antiques, we never thought we would be in this type of situation. Setting up this Go Fund Me page was in response to the overwhleming number of customers wanting us to create a page where they could provide assistance in this unfortunate time. Under normal circumstances we would never have set this page up, but things are out of our control.  Cottage Antiques in Historic Ellicott City has been shut down for the first time in 27 years due to the flooding on the night of Saturday, July 30, 2016. We are a family owned store and just found out our insurance will not cover any of our losses. We have created this Go Fund Me page to help rebuild our store and make it the friendly, community-oriented gathering place it has become …
  • Cotton Duck Art & Apparel
    Cotton Duck, Ellicott City FloodOn July 30, 2016 Ellicott City’s Main Street suffered a devastating flood, and many of us in the community were left feeling jarred and overwhelmed by the losses. Material posessions and buildings can be replaced, but what is most unsettling is the temporary loss of this gathering place in our community until it can be mended. During this time we need to come together to support the shopkeepers, residents, and individuals who have been displaced by the flood.  Among the affected is Cotton Duck Art & Apparel (8020), which is owned by Jereme Scott and located at the bottom of Main Street where the floodwaters were highest …
  • Craig Coyne Jewelers 
    Help Craig Coyne, Ellicot City, MDThis past weeked on July 30th 6 inches of rain fell in 2 hours causing a flood that devastated downtown Ellicott City, Maryland, killing two people and destroying or damaging at least 25 buildings.  Craig Coyne Jewelers at 8113 Main Street, owned by Sam Coyne has been a part of the Ellicot City, MD communiy since 2000. Sam’s business was just renovated a few years ago and has been a part of the beautiful historic town. The building was ravished Sat night … |
  • Cunningham Studios decorative painting
    Help Cunningham Studios Rebuild | Everyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the concerns and offers of help. If you aren’t aware, Ellicott city Maryland experienced the worst flood since Agnes in 1972. My studio took in 4′ of flood waters. I was lucky in all that I lost was some equipment and supplies but even those I will likely have to repurchase without help from insurance. Some paintings were floating and should be able to be repaired but not without time and money. I can’t get back the portfolio and materials I’ve acquired over the 12 years I’ve been in business. And, I was working towards my first solo show this September. I’ve been through so much these past two years; the death of my mother and a divorce, and now this. This just sent me over the edge …
  • Craig Coyne Jewelers 
    Help Craig Coyne, Ellicot City, MDThis past weeked on July 30th 6 inches of rain fell in 2 hours causing a flood that devastated downtown Ellicott City, Maryland, killing two people and destroying or damaging at least 25 buildings.  Craig Coyne Jewelers at 8113 Main Street, owned by Sam Coyne has been a part of the Ellicot City, MD communiy since 2000. Sam’s business was just renovated a few years ago and has been a part of the beautiful historic town. The building was ravished Sat night … |
  • Crystal Underground
    Crystal Underground Recovery Fund | From 1983 until last week, my aunt and uncle, James and Elena Conaway have had their shop, Crystal Underground in Ellicott City where they create beautiful jewelry, prisms, and stunning displays. That’s 33 years of local business! Last Friday, as Uncle Jimmie closed up the shop at 6 pm, the rain started. In the next 2 hours, 6 inches of rain fell in 2 hours causing a flood that ravaged downtown Ellicott City, Maryland …
  • Discoveries
    Discoveries of Ellicott City FloodSally Fox Tennant owns Discoveries, a shop in downtown Ellicott City, Maryland, a very special place. Discoveries is a fantastic craft gallery and funky boutique chock full (and I mean FULL) of the most creative and fascinating items: hand-made jewelry, art, clothing, blown glass, etc. It’s the most interesting stuff you’ve ever seen! Each time I visited the store, there were customers perusing all the collections, “ooh-ing and aah-ing”, and ultimately purchasing a myriad of unique crafts and fashion. Discoveries showcased and sold the products created by several hundred of the most talented artisans and craftspeople from all over the country.  In 1 horrific incident, Sally watched torrid flood waters destroy her business and its massive inventory, along with fixtures and equipment. In addition to the monumental losses of the business, Sally also owns the property which suffered tremendous damage and is obviously in need of very extensive repair. In addition to this double whammy, Sally was also a resident and has now lost her home …
  • Ellicott Mills Brewing Company
    Ellicott Mills Brewing Employees | After the historic flood that destroyed our little town Ellicott Mills Brewing Company would like to raise money for our employees that will lose their way of making a living while we repair. It could take a long time and they need to communities help. Thank you … |
  • Ghost Town Tattoo
    Ghost Town Tattoo Ellicott City | Ghost Town Odditorium is located in Historic Ellicott city and needs your help! Ghost town has been open in Ellicott City for 8 years and is owned Matt Rinks. Last weekend, a devastating flash flood occurred, destroying a majority of the city. Luckily, the tattoo shop suvived largely untouched. A majority of the roads leading to Ellicott City are closed for repair efforts with no time line for reopening. As it stands, it is extremely difficult to access the area or to park. Walk in business will be nonexistent. After surviving a wall collapse during an earthquake (right next door to the shop) and a major train derailment and associated recovery ( right in front of the shop), this latest hurdle will be even more difficult to recover from …
  • HorseSpirit Arts Gallery
    HorseSpirit Art Gallery Rebuilding | I am a friend of Robin Holliday of HorseSpirit Art Gallery, located in Old Town Ellicott City, MD. The gallery was severely affected by the flooding that happened on July 30, 2016. The entire first floor of her building was completely flooded, and the paintings, jewelry, ceramics, and sculptures were washed away or buried under mud.  Robin was there when the flood happpened and tried to hold the door shut as the waters rose. After the windows shattered and the water was up to her chest, she was able to get to the 2nd floor. She was interviewed by NPR, and you can listen to her story … |
  • Insight180 Branding & Design
    Insight180 Flood Recovery FundMy name is Katie; I’m a friend of Wendy Baird and she needs all of our help to rebuild her business. Wendy has had a branding and design firm, insight180, in historic Ellicott City for more than 16 years and it is an integral part of the community in Howard County and beyond.  As you’ve probably all seen by now, Ellicott City was devastated by what some are calling a 1000-year-flood. This extreme weather event, without warning, took out sidewalks and infrastructure and hit Wendy’s office very hard. She lost just about everything … |
  • Joan Eve Classics & Collectibles
    Joan Eve Recovery Fund | Joan Eve has been apart of Old Ellicott City for over 20 years. Her shop was an adorable collection of antique pieces, handpicked by Joan herself. For Joan, her shop was her life and she poured her soul into it. You could tell by everything she did that she loved what she did. She loved seeing the people, she loved helping people, and she loved the comminuty of Old Ellicott City. On July 30th 2016, Ellicott City had a masive flood that destroyed Main Street. Entire stores, years worth of hard work, love and labor were washed away in a matter of minutes, including Joan Eve. Please help contribute to this fund so Joan can recreate her wonderful whimsical shop ... |
  • Johnny’s Bistro on Main
    Johnny’s Bistro Flood Support Fund | Hello, my name is Johnny, and most people know me and see me at Johnny’s Bistro on Main. I have worked at the Bistro for the past 10 years and have never witnessed the devastation of a flash flood on Saturday, July 30th 2016. I love my regulars that come in and that have supported me for many years. I still have not been able to get access to the Bistro trying everyday to get in and assess the inside damage. The power was cut off Saturday, l lost everything, and understand that the water level was to the back of my chairs and solid maple tables are probably ruined by now. My heart and prayers go out to the other business owners and residents that have suffered major losses. I have been in this business for the past 44 years and Main st Ellicott City has been a highlight of my life. My wife Linda and I have made many friends on Main Street and I know it will never be the same …
  • A Journey from Junk
    A Journey from Junk Flood RecoveryA Journey from Junk is a small two store boutique side by side located on Main Street in Historic Ellicott City, the shop is owned by Kelli Myers, also known as the ‘Junk Girl’. The shop was a dream of Kelli’s for many many years, finally 8 years ago she made her dream come true opening her vintage shop that has turned into something much bigger than she had ever imagined. We have the most loyal customers who are not just customers, they are our friends, they shop here because they love it here.  On Saturday July 30th a flash flood rushed through our beautiful town and demolished most of the businesses along Main Street …
  • The Judge’s Bench Pub
    Judge’s Bench Staff Recovery Fund | Dear Friends, the doors to the Judge’s Bench continue to remain closed due to the state of emergency imposed after the flood on July 30.  We sincerely appreciate the hundreds of heartwarming messages of concern, love, and offers of help you have sent. We will be OK …
  • Kelly & Scotty
    Fund for Kelly and ScottyFor my wonderful and selfless friends Kelly and Scotty. We all know during last Saturday’s their flood building was severely damaged and recently it was confirmed that it will take months before they can access it safely to retrieve their belongings.  This is the second time that their lives have been impacted by a flood in EC.  In the middle of all this heartbreaking event, Kelly is dedicated to helping out the community non-stop and coordinates and consoles the flood victims through the Ellicott City Partnership and keeps positive …
  • La Palapa Grill & Cantina
    La Palapa Grill & Cantina Recovery | La Palapa Grill & Cantina in Ellicott City has been shut down due to the flooding Saturday July 30. We have created this Go fund Me page to help our staff in this time of need. We are unsure how long we will be out of work. We have over 50 employees without jobs now. All money donated will be given to our employees … |
  • Little French Market
    Little French Market RecoveryThe Little French Market was devestated by a historic flash flood that recently hit Ellicott City, MD.  The Market has been home to live music every weekend this summer. The owners put on shows every friday and saturday and welcome everyone into their community. I am completely heartbroken they are now forced to closed. The flood washed away the entire sidewalk in the courtyard. Insurance is not covering any of these damages to the building.  Jeni Porter, Johnathan Postma, Cathy Ferguson, and Kimberly Kepnes, owners of the market, are leaders of Ellicott City. They give so much to our beautiful community …
  • Matcha Time Café authentic Japanese tea
    Matcha Time Cafe employee reliefOn the night of Saturday, July 30, 2016, Old Ellicott City was decimated by a violent flash flood dumping more than 6 inches of rain in under 2 hours. The result was the partial or nearly total destruction of the vast majority of ‘Main St.’ and the complete loss of so many businesses and residences.  Matcha Time Cafe is an authentic Japanese tea & sushi cafe and gift shop in Old Ellicott City, Maryland. The cafe is owned and operated by Hatsumi Watanabe-Smith and opened its doors in June, 2013. Since opening, the cafe has been frequented by a wide demographic of customers from all over Central Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, and Southern Pennsylvania. On any given day, people of all races and age groups gather in the relaxing atmosphere to enjoy friendly service and great food & tea, and browse the gift shop filled with a broad range of Japanese items, which are difficult to find outside of Japan … |
  • Maxine’s Antiques & Collectables
    Maxine’s Antiques Ellicott City Tragedy | Charlene Townsend, my Aunt Char as I would call her lost everything in the tragedy Ellicott City, MD floods on 30 July 2016. Charlene was known as one of the oldest merchants in town. She was just recognized in the Baltimore Sun this year Celebrating her 50th anniversary of Maxine’s Antiques down on Main Street. She was a all around wonderful women with a heart of gold. You were greeted every morning by Charlene and her dog Dandy Doodle Dude. Her store is completely gone and has lost everything. Charlene had stuff money couldn’t buy. Stuff that was passed down from her mother and family when Maxine’s Antiques doors opened for the first time. The whole town is completely gone and is in need of help …
  • Out of Our Past Antiques 
    Out of Our Past Antiques | Out of Our Past Antiques has been the beloved shop of retired school teachers Steve and Marge Collins for the past 12 years. During the flash floods in Ellicott City the shop and it’s contents were lost to the Patapsco River. Like so many shop owners of Ellicott City this natural disaster leaves many loop holes for the insurance companies to avoid covering this tragic loss. The hope is tonc the town is reestablished that they may reopen to to be apart of their community once more. We will miss out on Marge’s hot cider this year during first Friday in December but hopefully next year that will not be the case …
  • Park Ridge Trading Company
    Park Ridge Trading Company Benefit | On Saturday, July 30th, my mother lost her business, Park Ridge Trading Company, in the Ellicott City flood. Yesterday, I had a chance to see the inside of the store and it was absolutely heartbreaking. The interior is devastated and all of the inventory destroyed. Many of you have asked how you can help bring back this gem in the heart of the Historic District, so we’ve created this page to help restore Park Ridge Trading Co. to its glory.With your donations, we can begin the process of making Park Ridge Trading Co. whole again. Additionally, please consider supporting the other Ellicott City fundraising campaigns listed below: Ellicott City Partnership  Thank you! …
  • The Phoenix Emporium
    Phoenix Emporium Recovery Fund | The Phoenix Emporium in Ellicott City was devastated by Saturday’s historic flood. I am deeply grateful for the outpouring of support from our community. We will rebuild and we will reopen … |
  • The Phoenix Emporium ~ Julio Surgery
    Chef Julio Valles | On July 30, 2016, the Phoenix Emporium and Ellicott City was forever changed. We are rebuilding and will reopen. Chef Julio Valles has been with the Phoenix for 14 years. His wife Gloria and daughter Cynthia also worked full-time in our kitchen. Julio is the Phoenix. Every burger, every Reuben, every fish taco has come from the kitchen that Julio has run so efficiently for so long.  As the flood waters swept through Ellicott City, Julio went INTO the basement trying to place pumps to save whatever he could …
  • Portalli’s Italian Restaurant
    Help Support Portalli’s RecoveryOn July 30th, historic Ellicott City was devastated by historic flash flooding. This storm claimed two lives and countless businesses on Main Street. Among the businesses destroyed was Portallis which is owned and operated by our good friends Evan Brown, Alan & Lee Biars, Keith Holsey and Jame Ingles.  For those of you that don’t know them, their character is most easily exemplified by the fact that their first concern after digesting the reality of the situation was the financial well-being of their employees that have faithfully served the restaurant since its opening in 2006. This at face value is telling enough, but layer on the fact that losses incurred to replace items destroyed in the restaurant are not covered by insurance, and you get a peek into the type of men they are.  Due to their humble nature, they would NEVER ask for help. For that reason, we have organized this Go Fund Me page to help them provide for the employees that will be displaced from work indefinitely … |
  • Pure Wine Café 
    Pure Wine Café, Ellicott City, MD | Pure Wine Cafe has been located on the historic Main St. of Ellicott City for 7 years now. They and many other businesses have been severally affected by the devastating floods this past weekend. Although Pure Wine’s building did not suffer damages like some other businesses, owners PJ and Jasmine Strain and all staff have many obstacles to overcome before reopening.
    And everyday that they are closed is a great loss for all of us. We hope that they can reopen their doors soon and help to further bring the community together … |
  • Bill Rodgers
    Bill’s Ellicott City Flood Recovery | For those of you that don’t know my son’s father, WIlliam Rodgers, he recently moved to the Historic District of Ellicott City, MD to be closer to our son Liam. Bill has fallen in love with this town and the community just as much as I did 5 years ago.   Any event or time you’ve needed help, Bill has gone above and beyond to help others.  During this devastating flood, Bill has continued to help those in need. Unfortunately Bill’s turck served as an anchor for many cars in the flood and is now being totaled by his insurance company.  Bill now needs to move, and get a new truck which is crutial to being able to perform at his job …
  • The Rumor Mill Fusion Bar & Restaurant
    The Rumor MillBack in April 2007, my brother-in-law, Matthew Milani, started the Rumor Mill Fusion Bar & Restaurant in an old building tucked in the corner of Tiber Alley, just off of Ellicott City’s Main Street. Since then, he and my sister, Lexi, have created a community of staff and guests that has led to both memorable meals and to an incredible number of memories.  In their time as the owners and operators of The Rumor Mill, they have poured their hearts into creating a dining experience that is about so much more than simply food. They are known throughout the community as people who generously give their time, energy, and talents to charitable causes; who care deeply about the people who work with them; and who always strive to be a positive presence in the larger community.  Saturday night, a sudden flood overtook Ellicott City and left devastating consequences for them and others …
  • Salon Marielle
    Salon Marielle — Ellicott City Flood | Salon Marielle, a treasured local salon located on Main Street was left devastated after historic flooding in Ellicott City, Maryland hit on July 30, 2016.  Thankfully all customers and employees were unharmed! We aim to raise money for the employees and salon contractors who have been left without jobs and income during this difficult time. In addition, it is our hope to raise funds to help off set the costs of rebuilding or moving, if the property is condemned … |
  • Shoemaker Country
    Shoemaker Country Flood Recovery | Shoemaker Country has been part of the Ellicott City Community for 15 Years. We opened our first shop in September of 2001. We started out dealing in American primitive antiques and gradually made the transition to custom furniture, home furnishings, gifts and a place where local artists, authors and craftpeople could show their work.  This photograph is our first look at the store the other day. At this point I couldn’t even begin to imagine what the inside looked like. The wall in the foyer failed … the entire wall was pushed probably 4 feet into the first floor of the shop allowing water to rush in … |
  • Simply Divine & A’Divaz Boutique also on
    Ellicott City Business Lost – Flood | I am writing on behalf of my Daughter-In-Law, Angelina Christina Brannigan, who has lost her small businesses in the recent floods that devastated Ellicott City, MD. She has two businesses there. Simply Divine Boutique and A’Divaz Boutique are both small stores that sells stylish clothing, jewelry, or other things. When she visited the area, it is clear that A’Divaz Boutique is a complete loss. We also know that Simply Divine has suffered extreme water damage.  These businesses will have to be closed for at least the next few months causing complete loss of income for an unknown period of time.  Angelina has put her heart and soul into these businesses for the last 10 years |
  • Southwest Connection Native American Jewelry & Fudge Shop 
    Southwest Connection/Fudge Shop | Lori & Steve McDermott, my sister and brother in law and my neices Alyssa (21) and Kylie (16) were involved in the tragedy of the Ellicott City MD flood on July 30, 2016. They were closing up their store Southwest Connection and Fudge Shop for the night and realized there was water coming in and that it was going to flood. Thankfully, they were all in the store, so they could work together using boards braced against the front door with their bodies to try to keep as much water out as possible. They were terrified as they struggled to hold the door closed against 5 feet of rushing water …
  • Still Life Gallery Fine Art & Custom Framing
    Help the Rescuers in Ellicott City | My very good friends, Sara Arditti and her husband David Dempster, own Still Life Gallery Fine Art & Custom Framing, a small local business in Historic Ellicott City. It was destroyed in the July 30th Ellicott City flood in Maryland …
  • Sweet Cascades Chocolatier
    Sweet Cascades | Sue and Rick Whary’s journey began on September of 2005, when Sue decided to make a major change in her career- Sweet Cascades was established.  Five years later, I was hired. Sue had taught herself all about chocolate by that time and her business was flourishing. I began to learn the trade as well. Some of you might know me as the girl that can not see over the counter, others of you may still think that Sue and Rick are my parents. Which ever that may be the Whary’s have become a very influential part of my life and I can never imagine being without them or Sweet Cascades. I have grown through high school and college working at Sweet Cascades and I remain there today, six years later. They have become my family and my best friends.  Sue and Rick are the two most hardworking individuals I know. Sweet Cascades has become their life and home, as well as mine. Most of their time is dedicated to the lovely shop, with little allowed moments for vacations, outings, or even family- things that we often take for granted. For all of the years that I have been with this amazing couple and business I have witnessed their kind hearts, always helping family and friends before themselves (myself included) … |
  • Sweet Elizabeth Jane
    Sweet Elizabeth Jane Recovery FundOver five years ago, a young woman realized her dream. She dreamed of opening a shop of her own. She chose the historic town of Ellicott City as her location. She added her rich personal history by naming her shop Sweet Elizabeth Jane after her two grandmothers. Suddenly and tragically, her dream was vanquished in 10 minutes when raging flood waters washed her store away. As many of you know, the flooding in Ellicott City devastated Main Street. Tammy, the owner, put her heart and soul into this store over the last 5 years – creating a store that people have come to know and love. Sweet Elizabeth Jane brought charm and excitement to the historic town of Ellicott City. Tammy is in the midst of finding a store front for a pop up shop, so that she can continue with her dream in hopes of making it back on Main Street. Unfortunately, many shop owners may not recover enough funds to rebuild their businesses in Ellicott City without help from the community …
  • Tea on the Tiber / Victorian Tea Room & Gift Shop 
    Rebuild Tea on the Tiber in ECMy name is Sarah Blazucki. My mom, Linda Jones, owns Tea on the Tiber in Ellicott City, Maryland.  On July 30, a catastrophic 1,000-year flash flood tore through Ellicott City, a wall of water crashing down Main Street. Two people died, many had to be rescued. The water washed away cars, sidewalks, trees, foundations, roads, hillsides. It’s possibly the worst flood in the town’s history.  Tea on the Tiber is one of the many businesses that was severely damaged. Though the structure is sound, the interior is wrecked. Water came in the front door … |
  • Tersiguel’s French Country Restaurant
    Tersiguel’s Flood Recovery Fund | Angie Tersiguel is one of my dearest friends and I’m heartbroken over what has happened to her and her family business. ‘Tersiguels French Country Restaurant’ in historic Ellicott City was devastated by flood waters during the storm last weekend.  We were together Saturday night when she started receiving texts about the restaurant flooding due to the severe rainfall, but we had no idea what was to come in the next few hours …
  • The Vintage Vault & Gallery
    Help The Vintage Vault and GalleryOn July 30th 2016, Ellicott City Maryland suffered one of the most catastrophic flash floods ever to hit this historic city. Businesses were hit especially hard. The Vintage Vault and Gallery was one of the businesses devastated by the storm.  Hello, my name is Aminah, a local artist and loyal customer of the Vintage Vault and Gallery. My friend T was helping at the store during the flood and had to watch as the doors burst open, the windows blew out and within minutes the whole first floor was submerged under water. Thankfully T is safe. The store however, has suffered severe losses. The entire lower level is gutted. All the beautiful merchandise, collected over a lifetime, gone. When I spoke to owner Jodye Russell, her concerns were on the pain and needs of others … |

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