ECP Web Camp

ECP Web Camp

March 25, 2017, 1-3pm @ the Millworks, 8098 Main Street

  • Q & A & Q
    • Ask questions, get answers, ask more questions …
      • During today’s discussion we’ll be writing down everyone’s questions, some of which will help launch future Web Camp talks — hopefully twice per year.  This is your opportunity to find out things you have wondered about, or share your knowledge of, social media & cloud computing.

ECP Web Camp Agenda

  • Which pages on Facebook are the ECP Core Facebook Pages?
  • What makes these pages the core pages?
    • Should ECP have formal (written) agreements with Facebook page admins?
    • Standardized branding & design across ECP pages?
    • Shared & synchronized content across ECP pages (see Mardi Gras)?
    • Multi-page ownership of public events sponsored by the ECP?
    • Spring/Fest, Art/Walk, The/ECP, Web/Camp, Girls/Girl’s/Girls’ (styling?)
    • ECP control of ECP pages (ie, stress test).  Emergency (ie, flood) alerts.
    • Group vetting of all ECP online or public content (ECP Web Group)? 

  • File-Sharing and Online / Digital / Cloud Collaboration
    Over time, everything moves to digital & the web. ~ Richard

  • Web Camp wrap-up & future
    • List of unanswered questions
    • Join the ECP Web Group on Facebook
      Group vetting of ECP online pages.
    • Schedule the next ECP Web Camp (mid-July 2017)
    • Continue open discussion
  • Camp lights out.
    March 25, 2017